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On the Way

The book

After a surgeon’s catastrophic mistake left me with a lifetime of medical issues, I chose to embark on a quest for peace and healing—beginning by seeking space in my heart to forgive. On the Way to Casa Lotus tells the story of this journey while planting a seed of hope that loss and pain can serve a higher purpose: one of promoting forgiveness as a force for personal and universal change.

Lorena junco margain

I am a work in progress, embracing the opportunity to evolve past suffering and manifest joy. Likewise, Casa Lotus, the home I have imagined with my husband, Eduardo, is a construction site, piled with bricks and lumber, mired in mud. But as I slog across the yard to the inlet where my children will swim someday, I think of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering. “If you don’t have mud,” he gently reminds us, “the lotus won’t manifest. You can’t grow lotus flowers on marble.”


Pay it Forward Box

When I was in the hospital following my surgeries, even on the difficult days, I felt blessed to have family and friends around me. However, I noticed not all patients had the same support – especially those with chronic illnesses. I would like to help patients everywhere feel supported and embraced.

When you gift a Pay it Forward Box to someone you care about, you are also donating a Lifestyle of Love Care Kit to our hospital partners. Each kit contains items to uplift hospital patients when they feel most alone, such as a blanket, journal, lip balm, affirmations, and more – reminding patients to be gentle with themselves on their unfolding health journey. 

The Pay it Forward Box encourages each of us to discover our own Casa Lotus, the place in our heart where we are ever-evolving. Each box contains a limited-edition hardcover book + your selection of a hat, necklace, or bracelet that reads “on my way.”

Join our circle of impact: purchase a Pay it Forward Box, and your generosity will bring love and support to patients in need.