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How Blankets Can Help Us Heal – Plus the Perfect Healing Blanket for the Holidays!

Whether we’re ill, have a cold, are feeling lonely or are chilly in the dark winter months, there are plenty of times when we could all use a little comfort. So we might text a friend or loved one, pour ourselves a hot coco, put on a pair of fuzzy slippers or reach out to someone nearby for a hug.  

These are all wonderful ways to bring some warmth into cold or melancholy moments, and I’ve gratefully used all of them at different times.  But there’s something else I find incredibly comforting that often gets overlooked when we’re in need of a little snuggly support:


When I was in the hospital following my surgeries, I found myself craving the soft, cuddly comfort of a plush blanket.  Afterward, in thinking about how I could support other patients, I decided to create the perfect blanket I’d been craving and give it to patients in need of the simple feeling of being embraced.  The Lifestyle of Love blanket was born.

Lusciously thick, soft and buttery, it is more than just wrap: it’s a way for each of us to wrap ourselves in a hug whenever we need.

This is one of the amazing, but often overlooked, qualities of blankets: we can use them when we want, where we want, as a powerful tool for healing. Here are just a few of the reasons I love blankets as a healing tool:

  • They keep you warm — and keep out the cold.
  • They are as soft as slippers but cover the entire body, making you feel embraced and caressed.
  • They feel like a gentle hug when wrapped around your body.
  • They make you feel protected and safe.
  • You can cocoon in them alone to feel less alone.
  • You can wrap yourself in them with other people and enjoy a group snuggle.
  • They’re a great gift for people you care about – a way of saying “I’m here for you” even when you can’t be by their side.

So grab a blanket for yourself and your loved ones, and hunker down for the holidays and the winter ahead!  You can DM me to snag a plush, buttery Lifestyle of Love blanket for you and all your Holiday Gifts.

You can also donate a Lifestyle of Love blanket to patients in need by gifting a Pay it Forward Box to someone you care about this holiday season.  For each Pay it Forward Box purchased, a Lifestyle of Love Care Kit containing the blanket and other uplifting items will be donated to a patient.  What better way is there to honor the spirit of giving?