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How We Can Help Heal the World

Like people everywhere, I am horrified and brokenhearted by the devastating events in Ukraine.  The question that’s constantly on my mind is: what can I do? How can I, from where I sit oceans away, help heal our world?  

It might sound like an impossible task.  Like each of you, I am barely a spec in the universe.  I can support charities addressing humanitarian needs, attend protests, support Ukrainian journalism, yet….  It feels so insignificant compared to the scope of this crisis.

That’s why there’s something else I have chosen to do—something very simple but profound that I believe truly can help heal our world: 


By pray, I don’t mean head for the church, the synagogue or mosque and repeat the Lord’s prayer. As I’ve said before, I don’t associate prayer with religious practice.  Rather, I see prayer as a state of mind and heart: one of stillness, of awareness, of peace. Prayer is not so much an action as it is a place of inner rest, receptiveness, and love. 

When we are in that place, magic can happen:

  • We are better equipped to be an instrument for peace and harmony within our own sphere of interaction: our family and our community. 
  • We are in giving mode. The energy and the vibes we send out are filled with peace and compassion—the peace and compassion that I for one wish for the world. By cultivating that sentiment within, we can be sources of light and silent advocates for peaceful outcomes.  
  • We can speak gently to our children, infusing them with respect for peace and compassion so that they, too, can be silent advocates and sources of light.  
  • We are filled with gratitude, including for the simplest of things such as having food on our plates.  We can instill this in our children, too.  Like light, gratitude spreads.
  • We are reminded that we’re not alone.  That we are part of something much bigger than ourselves and can control only our actions and choices, one minute at a time.

The act of prayer does not need to be complicated.  We can pray anytime, anywhere.  Prayer is the most personal, intimate expression of our faith in whatever force(s) we believe in. 

Now more than ever, join me in prayer.  Close your eyes.  Breathe.  Let’s set the intention together for peace and healing in our world.