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Introducing the Caregiving Hero Award: Nominate a Caregiver Now for a Generous Prize!

Patience. Kindness. Dedication.

Throughout my health journey, there have been a multitude of people who embody these attributes supporting me day in, day out, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, friends, and familyeach of these caregivers has played such an important role in my path towards healing and forgiveness, and provided me with much strength and hope.

They are selfless heroes who make people feel loved and cherished on their health journeys. Caring for others is an act of selfless giving that requires tenderness, patience, and hard work. It’s my goal to help these caregivers feel nurtured and appreciated, so THEY can thrive. 

In that spirit, I’ve decided to launch an award to recognize these amazing people: the Caregiving Hero Award.

Through the Caregiving Hero Award, I aim to recognize these people with my utmost gratitude.

I would love for you to nominate a caregiver in your life, and tell me why you feel they deserve recognition. Is it a medical resident who took time out of her 24/7 schedule to help give COVID shots when she saw a vaccination center struggling to keep up with demand?  Is it a loving brother who stayed up all night caring for your new baby so you could get a good night’s sleep? Or a neighbor who brought food on a daily basis when you were ill?

I will select four winners to share on social media, publicly acknowledge the caregiver, and also send them a $500 gift card for their hard work. Winners will also receive a free Pay it Forward Box.

You can nominate a caregiver through THIS FORM. The caregiver you nominate does not need to be your own caregiverit can also be someone you know who has cared for parents, friends or others and embodies the meaning of selfless giving. Nominated caregivers must reside in the U.S.  I’ll be accepting submissions until August 13th, 2021!

I look forward to reading your submissions, and am so excited that I am able to recognize these real-life heroes.

With love and gratitude,


*You acknowledge that by submitting this form, you authorize Lorena Junco Margain to publish your name (first name and last initial only), and a summarized description of your nomination for your caregiver. If your nomination is selected for an award, we will contact you and your caregiver and arrange delivery of their prize, and obtain permission to share their name/story on social media.