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Video: Tips for Managing Anxiety

Like many people, I struggle with anxiety – often severe.  The symptoms can feel crippling: nervousness, restlessness, panic, an increased heart rate, trouble concentrating….  They get in the way of daily activities; they sap energy and joy.

Over the years I’ve developed some tricks for managing anxiety that have helped me stay grounded when those panicky feelings start to creep up on me.  One important thing I learned from a conference I attended a few years ago is: remember to breathe.  Air is free.  Breathing is your friend.

I’ve made a video sharing this and a few other tips I hope you’ll find helpful.  They include:

Breathe deeply. I like to inhale an essential oil while breathing to stimulate the senses.  Peppermint organic essential oil is my go-to.  

Focus on the moment. On the scent, its freshness and on the fact that you are alive, you’re okay, and you’re safe in your immediate environment.  

Remind yourself of what you can control: how you choose to respond in this moment. 

There’s more in the video.  Take a look!

What about you? What works best for you when you’re feeling anxious?  How do you stay grounded?  Leave a comment and let me know.