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Welcome to Casa Lotus

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Casa Lotus, home of my heart and heart of my home. For you to understand what I mean by this, it’s important for you to know how I found my way here. My home at Casa Lotus is more than the sum of its parts: four walls and an oculus, brick and steel, art and water, love and toil. Casa Lotus is a life and lifestyle forged with intention, mindful joy, compassion for self, and respect for Mother Earth. Casa Lotus is the harmony that happens when outward decisions reverberate with inward consequence. What you put in your kitchen cabinet is what goes into your mouth. Electrical wiring zings with energy that is unseen but undeniably intimate, entering our eyes as light and our ears as music.

Everything that happened to me on my way to Casa Lotus laid the foundation for the life I live now and the life I hope to build in the future, just as the rugged road you are traveling at this moment is laying the foundation for all the possibilities of you. Every one of us has our own Casa Lotus, and we are all continually on our way. We must be gentle with our traveling selves. We must forgive the wind and rain that assail us as we go, always remembering that the harshest forces of nature (including human nature) carve beauty into everything, including ourselves.
I hope my story will reveal some part of the map that shows you the road to your own Casa Lotus. That place is there for you, I promise, and whether you realize or not, you are already on your way.

With love and gratitude,